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There are many Westchester County hair salons, but none like Avenue Salon & Suites. We offerWhite Plains Haircuts for everyone and our men’s haircut services are no exception! With a wide selection of hairstyles to choose from, we know that you’ll be happy with your new look. Come in today and experience the difference at Westchester County’s premier salon: Avenue Salon & Suites.

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Westchester County Hair Salon – Men’s Haircuts

The Westchester County hair salon, Avenue Salon & Suites is a full service New York beauty salon that offers a diverse range of services. Whether you’re looking for a haircut, beard grooming, or even touching up on your Westchester County eyebrow waxing, we have the Westchester County hair salon to fit all your needs.

Westchester County is a beautiful place, and if you live here or are visiting, Avenue Salon & Suites is the Westchester County hair salon to visit. We offer different men’s haircuts as well as beard services so that no matter what your style is we have an expert who can help!

Different Westchester County Men’s Haircuts

There are many different haircuts for men in Westchester County.  Many of them are classic looks that have been popular since the 19th century, but there are also new styles that are becoming very fashionable.  Among them are the undercut and the fade, which have become very popular across America because they are low maintenance and fades look great with most hair types.

The undercut is a style where the longer hair is left on top while the sides and back of the head are cut to an even length all the way around.  This clean look was made famous by stylish actors such as James Dean, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.  This cut makes it easy to manage both short and long hair on top of . This White Plains Haircut style is popular with men with long hair who simply want to keep it out of their face, as well as those looking for a less conservative look.  The undercut is also becoming very popular among many African American and Latino men due to its popularity in sports and hip hop fashion.

The fade is a shorter haircut in which the sides and back are cut very short or shaved down to nothing.  There are many different iterations of this style, such as the high-fade or skin-fade, as well as taper fade haircuts that fade to longer hair on the top of the head.  

  • Fade with Quiff and Beard

    Fades are classic haircut styles in which one color gradually fades into another over the course of several inches. It usually starts at the hairline, with the top part being one color and gradually changing to another color when it reaches the end of the nape of the neck. It is a very versatile cut that can be used for any type of face shape or hairstyle. 

    A quiff is an example of a modern haircut that does not follow classic styles. A quiff tends to be styled away from the face, giving an extremely elegant look. A quiff can easily be combined with some ornate facial hair, such as a mustache or goatee, which adds even more style. 

    A pompadour is similar to a quiff in terms of how it looks and what is used to style it. The difference is that the pompadour is a hairstyle, while the quiff is not. This means that you can use hairspray and other methods to achieve the look you want, whereas it is more complicated with a pompadour.

  • Short French Crop with High Bald Fade

    Different haircuts for men in Westchester County are usually created for various types of events, or perhaps to complement facial features. Some popular haircuts that are chosen by men include the fade haircut with a side part and quiff, as well as a fade haircut paired with a beard.

    Different men’s haircuts in Westchester County side parting haircut with baldness.

    Haircuts can be changed depending on a man’s personal fashion sense and look. Guys who have been used to long hair may want a change, but may not know where to go. Short hair is an option, and so is going completely bald. 

  • High Bald Fade with Hard Side Part

    Of all the hairstyles out there, there are a few that stand out. A haircut is not just an accessory but it also says a lot about you to the people who will judge you based on how you look. Of course, everyone has their own preferences about what they want to have when it comes to haircuts, which is why you will see men with different haircuts in Westchester County. If you want to change up your look, try one of these different haircuts for men in Westchester County.

Minimal tousled with a hard side parting and quiff

This haircut is best for people who have thick hair because it requires a lot of volume. It is also ideal for someone who has straight hair because the hard side parting will emphasize the beautiful structure your hair already has. The minimal fade will leave enough room to create waves in your hair while keeping it sleek and current.

Medium length with a hard side parting and beard

Men’s haircuts in Westchester County can be tricky, but this one makes it easy for you. The medium length means there’s less work when it comes to styling your mane, and the hard side parting provides more opportunities to change up your look. Plus, having a beard adds another aspect to your hair. The beard hides the fact that you don’t have long hair, so it helps soften the look of this style.

Short on the sides with pompadour and stubble.

If you want something fun but not too flashy, opt for this short haircut with a quiff. The short on the sides will highlight all the work you’ve put into keeping your hair healthy, while the length on top will give you some leeway in terms of hairstyle options. Adding stubble to an already great hairstyle also gives it another dimension, making everything more exciting without being overdone.

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