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Great Body Waxing At Our Westchester County Beauty Spa

Are you looking for a Westchester County beauty spa that offers hair removal services? Avenue Salon & Suites is the perfect place to go. Avenue Salon & Suites offers Westchester County body waxing services and we want to tell you about them! Avenue Salon & Suites has been in business since 1995 and we have over 20 years of experience providing our customers with top-quality service. We offer an array of other treatments including haircuts, manicures, and makeup applications. Come visit us today! 

Our lovely staff are well-trained in body waxing procedures and follow each step carefully. First, they make sure the area that wax is being applied to is washed and dried. Next, the wax is warmed to a safe temperature so it’s not too hot that it would burn the skin, but warm enough to properly adhere to the hair being removed. The wax is then applied to the chosen area and allowed to dry for a few seconds. Avenue Salon & Suites staff take great care when removing hair off of their client’s body so they don’t hurt them in any way. After the wax has been removed, Avenue Salon & Suites’ team will use oil-based lotions or aloe to soothe the fresh skin that is now hair free! 

Waxing is a common treatment that many people in Westchester County use to remove hair from their body. Avenue Salon & Suites provides professional waxing services for all parts of the body, and we have been helping clients with this since our salon opened.

We are Avenue Salon & Suites, a Westchester County beauty spa. If you are looking for Westchester County body waxing, then Avenue Salon & Suites is the place to go! Our staff has been trained by professionals and have years of experience. We offer various services including Brazilian Body Waxing, Hollywood Body Waxing, Bikini Line Waxing Services, Underarm Hair Removal Services and more!

There are a variety of ways you can go about waxing your hair off, but it’s important to understand what each one entails before making a decision about which type is best for you. In this post, we will be going over some information on different types of waxing methods and how they work so that you’ll know what to expect when coming into Avenue Salon & Suites!

Benefits of Westchester County Body Waxing From Our Westchester County Beauty Spa

Avenue Salon & Suites offers exceptional Westchester County body waxing services. Westchester County body waxing is fabulous at quickly, affordably and safely removing hair from most areas of the body. We offer Westchester County body waxing for the upper lip, eyebrows, chin, underarms and arms, as well as legs and bikini areas. 

There are many benefits to waxing that our Westchester County clients love over their usual shaving routine. For one, waxing lasts longer than shaving, the usual alternative. Shaving results last 1-2 days while waxing results can last up to six weeks. Another benefit is that when hair finally does grow back, the hair growth is much finer and less visible to the naked eye. Thus, still giving the benefits in between your Westchester County body waxing visits. 

Lastly, an additional benefit of body waxing is the exfoliation. Waxing gets rid of the build-up of dead skin cells and grime that cause outbreaks, blemishes and dryness in the skin. Avenue Salon & Suites offers Westchester County body waxing services that are ideal for all skin types. Avenue Salon & Suites has a private suite in which our client can be guaranteed to remain comfortable even during their most sensitive areas of the body (think brazilian wax). Bring your friends or family members along with you when visiting Avenue’s Westchester county beauty spa–our rooms offer plenty of space so no one will feel cramped!

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